Friday, April 14, 2006

Barry Bonds being investigated for perjury.

The Associated Press is reporting that Barry Bonds is now the subject of a Federal investigation into whether he committed perjury. This stems from the book "Game of Shadows" where it stays that Barry injected himself with steroids. That statement conflicts with the statement he game to the Grand Jury where he said he unknowingly took steroids.

If you're Bud Selig and MLB executives and fans-a-like, this is great news. If Barry is charged with perjury and sentenced MLB can distance themselves and in all likelyhood could strike his records from the book. Though I'm no Barry fan I don't hope he ends up in jail, I'd rather see is him just hang up his cleats for good. I don't want him breaking Hank's beloved record nor do I want to see his name before the Babe's. I wish he would just come clean and tell the public the truth.

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