Saturday, April 01, 2006

Final Four (YAWN) is down to UCLA vs Florida

This time of year usually is one of my favorite times in the sporting year. When March Madness is nearing the end with what is the four best teams in college basketball. It’s supposed to be the best of the best. But this years Final Four was one of the most boring Final Four’s I’ve ever seen. Both games were blowouts and really were never close. The only real story line of this FF was that George Mason was still hanging around for a chance at the title. Florida ended GM’s Cinderella run in the first game by a score of 73 – 58. The second game was even more boring as UCLA, more known for offense in its glory days, used its stifling defense to shutdown LSU in winning 59 – 45.

Lets just hope that the Championship game doesn’t make us yawn and want to turn off the TV by halftime. I could care less who wins this game; though I’d rather UCLA win so that SEC fans won’t start running at the mouth about their basketball power. ACC is where it is and always will be. We just had a down year.

Well I have an idea for a game, well more like a quick pop quiz. Okay within 5 seconds I want you to name one player on either team other than the now famous Florida C Joakim Noah. If you could name someone in those five seconds you win. Give up? Yeah unlike last year when you could name every UNC player and most of Illinois back court you’re hard pressed to come up with two names you know and could match with a face.

Lets just hope this two games today isn’t a precursor to what’s to come on Monday night, if so I’m going to be flipping it early to Apprentice to see who The Donald fires next.

My guess on the Championship: UCLA 65 Florida 58.


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