Saturday, April 22, 2006

Sporting notes while watching the Chris Byrd vs Wladimir Klitschko fight today

Sports notes compiled while I watched the Heavy weight title fight between Chris Byrd and Wladimir Klitschko.

* New York Yankees are the first professional baseball team to reach the $1 Billion mark. Forbes released it's annual estimated team values for baseball. 2nd highest was the RedSox at $617 Mil. Braves came in at #12 with a value of $405 Mil. Click here for list to see where your team ranks.

* Julio Franco, the ageless wonder, made history once again this past week when he homered in the Mets vs Padres game. He now holds the record for being the oldest player to ever hit a homerun. Franco already was the oldest player to hit a grandslam, a pinch-hit homer and have a multihomer game. Franco at the ripe age of 47 broke the record held by Athletics pitcher Jack Quinn at 46 years 357 days. The record stood from June 27, 1930.

Wladimir Klitschko seems to have shaken off the notion that he can't take a punch. He held true though to his nickname of "Steel Fist" as he delivered shot after shot to Chris Byrd who fell twice in 7 rounds the last proved to be the fatal blow. Referee called the fight after Byrd had a massive cut over his left eye and was stumbling to his feet.

* The NBA Playoffs are now underway. Does anyone really care?? I couldn't tell you who won what division. I could care less about the NBA. College Basketball is where it's at, defense at least.

* Much to the delight of Irish nation, Notre Dame picket up the #1 football recruit in the nation in QB Jimmy Clausen. He chose ND over the real USC because he wants to play for Charlie Weis. Did South Carolina fans really think they had a chance at landing him??

* Here's what Chris Byrd had to say about his upcoming rematch fight with
Wladimir Klitschko. "Nobody beats me twice," Byrd said. "Five years ago, I was more of a finesse fighter. I was willing to fight anybody, but at the same time I was timid of the bigger guys. I do not fear anybody anymore as far as taking their shot."

* Here's what Chris Byrd said after the fight;
"I never hit him, not the way he hit me".

* For those that are addicted to watching the NFL Draft you have 6 days and a wakeup.

* Only 20 more weeks until the 2006 NFL Season kicks off.

* So far after 15 games Kansas City Royals boast the worst record of 2 -13. At their current winning % of .133 for a full 162 game season they are one pace to win 21 game. That's a record of 21 - 141. I think that would be some very dubious record.

* This news kinda slipped right by me. Two weeks ago now, Citadel named Ed Conroy it's new men's basketball head coach. If his name sounds familiar it's because his is the nephew of Pat Conroy. He left an up and coming program at Coastal Carolina to head Citadel Basketball.

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At April 22, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

where have you been the Conroy name was being tossed around at the end of the season, contract was inked 2-weeks ago.-brace


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