Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Bledsoe is the Cowboys starter ESPN !!!

I really think ESPN is running out of news to report so its trying to create news. I'm talking about them trying to convince everyone that Dallas is wanting to start Tony Romo over Drew Bledsoe. ESPNs Sports Center teaser to open up the show asks the question, " Who will throw to TO, any chance it won't be Bledsoe?

They obviously haven't listened to Bill Parcells press conferences so let me tell them now, there is no chance of Drew backing up Tony, not a chance. Yes Tony Romo looks capable of starting but as long as Drew Bledsoe is healthy he will be the starter. I sincerely doubt they would bring in TO if they were basically going to start over at the QB position. Tony is in his 3rd year but has yet to throw a pass in a regular season game, just 3 kneel downs. Both Bill and JJ (Jerry Jones) are desperate to win a Super Bowl and only Drew gives them that chance.

Bill has repeatedly said that the only reason they are playing Tony Romo so much is that they are trying to evaluate him for the future. His contract is up after this year so he'll be a free agent. Bill and company need to know exactly what they have in him. So ESPN seems to be creating controversy just to fill air time and they continue to do it with TO but that's just a completely different story.

I am pretty confident in Tony Romo if Bledsoe were to get hurt and I think the Cowboys have found their QB of the future, it's just the future might have to wait a year or two.

ESPN, create your news else where, there's no smoke in Dallas so there surely isn't a fire.


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