Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Football season is only a month away!!! Fantasy time.

College season begins in less than a month, NFL is just over a month.

Can we please spot the damn ball already.

Is it just me or does the offseason for football seem like it gets longer and longer? Maybe its because my baby Braves are struggling through this season that makes me feel like the offseason is even longer. This football season is like a 90 year old man doing a sprint, you can see him moving but damn if you don't get impatient waiting for him to get to the finish line.

So such with football season approaching, fantasy leagues are forming all around. We have a group full already on yahoo for Fantasy Football which I will update on weekly.

I've also formed a league for anyone interested for Pro Football Pick'em weekly. There is no spread or stupid confidence points. It's just straight up pickem for fun. I'll also update this weekly on who the top winners were. The league name is Palmetto NFL Pick'em and the ID is 7658, group password is football. So get your team in asap if you want to be apart of the league.

I also formed a College Football Pick'em as well. League ID is 507, password is football. Same setup as the Pro pick'em with 50 open slots, no spread or confidence points.

Click here for the fantasy site. After you click on Pro/College Pick'em, click on join custom league then enter ID and password for each league.


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