Wednesday, September 12, 2007

NFL Power Rankings Week 1

Here are my week one NFL rankings. Choose to comment or leave you own ideas but this is mine.

1. Indianapolis Colts - Who knew the defense would play like it did against the Saints.
2. New England Patriots - Lets see what they do post spy games.
3. San Diego Chargers - Offense will play better but credit Bears D for lack of production
4. Pittsburgh Steelers - Browns not much of a test but new Offense will carry team, D good too
5. Chicago Bears - If they Rex can finally develop into a reliable QB this team is nasty.
6. Cincinnati Bengals - Defense is still the question mark on this team, Offense will carry them.
7. Carolina Panthers - Offense looks back in form, can Defense return to 03 form?
8. Dallas Cowboys - Offense hitting on all cylinders, can Defense play as expected? If so look out!!
9. New Orleans Saints - Didn't play well in opener but look for better in week 2.
10. Seattle Seahawks - Offense finally healthy, should be much better.
11. Denver Broncos - Team will go as far as Cutler can take them, how much will he improve?
12. Minnesota Vikings - Finally a franchise RB but question mark at QB.
13. Baltimore Ravens - Billick an offensive genius?? Really?? Defense will have to carry team once again.
14. St Louis Rams - If offense doesn't play better than week 1 they are in for a long year.
15. Philadelphia Eagles - Philly fans should hope McNabb can play all 16 games, rookie troubles otherwise.
16. Houston Texans - Offense improved w/additions at QB and RB, Defense better, new coach. No longer a laughing stock.
17. Jacksonville Jaguars - Not enough offense to carry team if the defense continues to get pushed around.
18. New York Jets - NY fans better pray Pennington stays healthy, no cheer.
19. Detroit Lions - Martz the mad scientist is at it again, weapons galore on offense.
20. San Francisco 49ers - Nolan has team in right direction, defense looks much improved.
21. New York Giants - Offense okay. Injuries and age hurting defense.
22. Tennessee Titans - VY (since when did we shorten his name media?) to have sophomore slump, on teams' radar now. Plenty of questions on defense.
23. Washington Redskins - Unproven QB...and well they are still the Redskins, great on paper..struggles on the field.
24. Miami Dolphins - Aging QB, Aging Defense, new coach...long season Dolphin fans.
25. Green Bay Packers - Yes they won but lack of playmakers on offense will hurt in long run
26. Arizona Cardinals - If monday is any indication this Offense will struggle thanks to it's O-Line.
27. Buffalo Bills - Only bright spots on this team; Losman, Evans, Parrish and Lynch.. Defense lacks playmakers.
28. Tampa Bay Buccaneers - No Offense, aging Defense...another long year in Gruden's QB carousel.
29. Oakland Raiders - Well they are still the Raiders...They should be a couple games better in 07
30. Atlanta Falcons - With or without Vick this team would struggle.
31. Kansas City - I think Larry Johnson should've waited to be a free agent, this team stinks.
32. Cleveland - They belong in the Big 10. Seriously, App State would give them a game.


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