Saturday, August 04, 2007

August 5th will be Milestone Sunday

In case you've been locked in a closet somewhere and haven't heard of the milestone trifecta that is possible in MLB; Bonds is chasing Hammerin Hanks' 755 HRs and currently stuck on 754, A-Rod is stuck on 499 HRs and Glavine is still waiting on 300 wins. They were aligned to set their respected individual records on July 31st, none of course were successful in their attempts.

Well here we go again, Sunday August 5Th. This will probably be the last time all three of them go for their milestones in the same day. That's because Glavine, being a pitcher, won't have the chance to pitch again till August 10Th and I'm pretty sure A-Rod or Bonds will have hit their home run by then.

If all three were to hit their milestone on that day, Sunday August 5Th will live in Baseball lore. I can't recall any day that would have the drama in so many places and situations. ESPN is already covering every at bat Bonds and A-Rod have had for the last week. If it were to happen, make sure you save the paper cause it will be one for the ages.

Earlier this year we had 2 players reach their milestones on the same day. That of course being Frank Thomas (500 HRs) and Craig Biggio (3,000 hits). But the three going to their career milestones are more popular and more well known than those two.

Game Times

The excitement begins at 1pm when A-Rod and his Yankees take the field against the visiting Royals. A-Rod will be facing Gil Meche, someone he has had a lot of success against. He has it .417 in 24 at bats with 4 HRs and 8 Rbis.

Bonds attempts to tie Hank Aaron at 4pm when his Giants play at San Diego. Bonds will be facing Justin Germano, who in his 3 at bats against, is hitless with no walks and one strikeout.

Tom Glavine takes the mound at 8pm against the Cubs at Chicago. In his only game against the Cubs this year, Glavine got a no decision in the Mets 5-4 win. He pitched 6 innings allowed 6 hits and 4 earned runs with 4 walks. Since 2002 Glavine is 1-4 in 6 games against the Cubs with an ERA of 7.09.


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