Thursday, March 02, 2006

Braves 2006, Who's here, who's gone.

The Braves in the offseason made quite a few moves to stabilize the batting order and to provide depth and consistency in the bullpen, which had a few holes last year. Two popular players that were traded or not resigned were Rafael Furcal and Johnny Estrada. Furcal chose the beach and life of LA over HotLanta while Estrada was traded to the Diamondbacks to make way for young Brian McCann. In return for Estrada, the Braves received RHP Lance Cormier and RHP Oscar Villarreal. The Braves known for a big acquisition each off season made another one in the form of Edgar Renteria, he was brought in to replace speedy Furcal. Jim Trabert was traded to Boston in exchange for Renteria. If you can imagine this, the Braves will be better off with Renteria offensively but will miss Furcal's cannon at short. The best offseason move the Braves made may have been in dealing Kolb back to Milwaukee for Wes Obermueller. Here's a list of who's new and who's gone.
Who's here:
SS Edgar Renteria
C Todd Pratt
OF Matt Diaz
RHP Brad Baker
RHP Lance Cormier
RHP Oscar Villarreal
RHP Wed Obermueller
LHP Mike Remlinger
PC Roger McDowell

Notables gone:

SS Rafael Furcal
C Johnny Estrada
INF Julio Franco
P Kyle Farnsworth
PC Leo Mazzone


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