Friday, April 28, 2006

Ricky Williams suspended for the 2006 NFL season

I know this is old news so I apologize for being late with this post.

Miami Dolphins RB Ricky Williams was suspended for the entire 2006 season after he violated the leagues substance abuse policy for the fourth time. Williams had served a 4 game suspension at the start of the 2005 season for violation of the policy for the third time.

Apparently Ricky didn't learn his lesson the first time. You know it's a waste to see what Ricky has done to himself. He had a ton of potential when he was drafted out of Texas back in 1998 but he just couldn't say no to marijuana. He retired after the 2003 season and sat out all of the 2004 season only to return in 2005 because the team was threatening to take away his signing bonus. So he returned in 2005 already facing the 4 game suspension and told team officials he was off of the drug.

Well I view this situation as Miami deserves this. They allowed him to come back after he basically quit the team. They allowed him to rejoin the team as if nothing had happened that he didn't cost them anything by retiring for one year. With this situation I'm reminded of the ole saying, " Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me" or as President Bush likes to say, " Fool me once shame on you, if you fool me once I can't be fooled again".

Miami should have seen this coming. He only came back to play football because he knew if he didn't he would lose his signing bonus then he'd have no money to tour the world and smoke as much weed has he'd like. If I were the Dolphins I'd still try to recoup part of that signing bonus then release him. I can't see his teammates support him through this when he has already done them wrong once before.

Good riddance Ricky, what a waste of talent.


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