Monday, June 12, 2006

Found my name sake on Google's "I'm feeling lucky"

If you haven't seen a recent picture of me check out my friend Jim's blog for a Memorial Weekend boat party.

The reason for me posting this is I did a google search of my name and hit the "I'm feeling lucky" button and this is the page that came up. Ever since I've hit 280 I tell everyone that I'm a NFL lineman on paper but not in physical stature since I'm not built like a brick house. I come it at 6'4 285 but I carry my weight well, if I were 5'10 or smaller you'd have to roll me everywhere. I digress; the site that came up was my name sake. He's an offensive lineman for the Florida Gators and he's listed as being 6'6 weighing 288.

Now I'm pretty sure he's built better than me but it's funny that my name sake is an offensive lineman that pretty much on paper is the same size as me. Maybe he can find his way to the NFL and I can really say on paper I am a NFL Lineman.


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