Sunday, June 11, 2006

Seeking a Sponsor for the 2006 WSOP Championship

Pre-registration has begun for anyone that thinks they can or know how to play the ever-popular game of Texas Hold'em Poker. The World Series of Poker's main event, the No-limit Texas Hold'em World Championship, is scheduled to begin on July 28 and will run through August 10th.

Last years winner was Joseph Hachem who took home a record payout of $7.5 Million. That payout is expected to increase this year as there is expected to be an increase again in players. Last year there were a total of 5,619 players. The top 560 people, or the top 10%, finished in the money and won at least $12,500 with increases according to finishing order. If you were skilled or lucky enough to finish in the top 81 you won at least $107,950., not too shabby.

So I'm on a journey to see if I can find someone to sponsor me to play in this tournament. Entry fee is a whopping $10K and at last count, my empty water cooler bottle only amounted to a measly $85 not even close to 10K. So if I were to place in the money I'll give you back the $10K plus 10% of my winnings. In case you're wondering I've been playing poker online and in local garage tournaments for the last 3 years and I've honed my skills pretty well. So I think I can hold up to the pressure of such a tournament in the city of sin. So will you sponsor this guy???

Come on rich people, help send this blogger to Vegas so I can do some investigative reporting on the WSOP and write about it here.


At June 13, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Come on rich peeps, show me the money!


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