Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Michell Wie fails in bid to earn spot in US Open

Michelle Wie the gifted 16 year old female golfer failed in her attempt to earn a spot in the PGA's US Open. She was playing in a qualifying tournament at Canoe Brook in Summit, New Jersey. She finished at +1 after 36 holes. She was one of 153 players trying to earn one of the 18 spots in the tournament.

I think this talent young lady should start winning on the LPGA before she attempts to try and take on the men. Granted she can hit the little white ball on long ways for a woman but her game isn’t anywhere close to being able to compete with the big dawgs of the PGA. Though she just recently gained her tour card she’s been competing in LPGA sanctioned events for a while but has yet to win a championship. No one has dominated women’s golf like Annika Sorenstam and even she wasn’t able to make the cut on a weekend tournament she attempted to play in. So how does Michelle think she can do pull off playing with the men?

I think she needs to start focusing on her game and show that she has the capability to compete with woman on her tour before she again attempts to play with the men. Of the 14 tournaments played so far in 2006 LPGA season, Wie has yet to finish in the top 2. In 2005 as an amateur she finished second 3 times. There’s no doubting she has the talent to win on the LPGA tour but until she does so and proves she can win there, she should stay away from the boys on the PGA.


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