Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Internet gambling may be a thing of the past

If you are or have done any internet gambling, your gambling days maybe numbered. If Congress has it their way, you will no longer will you be able to place a bet online. It may also effect all those online pay-to-play poker sites. Congress was to vote today to prohibit credit cards and other forms of payment to settle wages. The bill would also give law enforcement the ability to block gambling web sites. John Kindt, a business professor at University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign says the internet is "the crack cocaine" of gambling. "There are no needle marks, there's no alcohol on the breath, you just click the mouse and lose your house".

To me, I do use gaming sites to place bets on football games and sometimes basketball games but mostly I use them to play poker. Playing for fun just is not as playing for money is. As they say, 'Money won is sweeter than money earned'. And that phrase can't be more true, there's just something about gambling and winning that feels so much better. Now I think Congress is taking this one step too far, instead of shutting it down they should figure out a way to tax this billion dollar industry. Too many Americans are using these out of country sites for their gambling kicks.

If this bill does go through and goes into effect, I'm not sure what I'm going to do come football season. I can't fly to Vegas every weekend so I guess I'll have to find a bookie somewhere.

This is America after all and Americans need to gamble during football season, that's what American men do in the fall.

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