Monday, July 03, 2006

C of C brings in Cremins

In a stunning turn of events and I might add, ironic, College of Charleston has hired former Georgia Tech HC Bobby Cremins. The ironic part comes from C of C hiring Cremins to replace him with someone that pulled a "Cremins". Remember back 15 years or so, Bobby left G. Tech for South Carolina only to change his mind two days later. Chances are that he won't do that again.

Cremins has a mess to clean up once he gets behind the desk to begin work. He has to work to repair the broken imagine Tom Herrion left behind. The program under Herrion has gone downhill. Players involved in trouble with the law weren't punished on the court, players grades have slipped, and he wasn't good with boosters and if all that wasn't enough, he hasn't taken C of C where Kresse used to and that's to the NCAA tournament.

Cremins gives the school instant recognition with boosters and to future recruits. He knows how to win, having taken G Tech to the final four and to 10 NCAA tournament appearances. The court at the school bears his name. He will keep players from transferring and will get the quality recruits that will help restore the Cougar imagine.

The only problem with this hiring is it seems like a short term solution instead of a long term fix. But Cremins will succeed where Herrion couldn't and that is a fix.

Congrats to C of C for landing such a quality coach, look forward to seeing him on the sidelines against my El Cid Bulldogs.


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