Monday, July 03, 2006

Dan McDonald to coach at Louisville

Former Citadel player and assistanct coach, Dan McDonald, was hired by Louisville to be it's new head baseball coach. He was at Ole Miss where they were one win away from the College World Series.

I am especially happy for Coach McDonald as I played for the team in his second year as a assistant coach. I remember going to his house with the rest of team watching the 1993 World Series matchup of Toronto and Philadelphia.

Here is the Citadel's article on him.

Congrats Coach McDonald, wish you alot of luck up there.


At July 06, 2006, Blogger STR said...

I don't know anything on this Dan McDonald guy, how much do you know about him? Think it was a good move on Louisville's part?

Also....any chance the braves turn it on and make the wildcard this year?

At July 06, 2006, Blogger Brad said...

Yeah it was a very good move on Louisville's part. He is a great coach and an even better recruiter. He helped Citadel get to the 1990 College World Series as a second baseman. He learned from Chal Port and Fred Jordan. He was Ole Miss's head recruiter and asst head coach so he brings youth and alot of experience to a Cardinals team with not much success in the recent years. I'd say he'll have them winning in a year or two and playing for conference championships shortly thereafter. Good hire for Louisville.


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