Friday, August 25, 2006

Parcell's track record

My buddy Mark sent me a msg giving me an idea for an article on Bill Parcells track record. Well instead of actually doing the leg work to write this article I'll just take the lazy way out and just post his actual email to me.

Thanks for the idea Mark, I'll see what I can do on it. Here's his email to me:

Why don’t you start writing more about the Cowboys? I’ll give you a good topic. Bill Parcels started head coaching in 1983 with the New York Giants (a shitty team in 83 that really needed work) Bill’s 4th year there they went 14-2 in the season and went on to win the Super Bowl. 4 years later 13-3 in the season and another Super Bowl win. In 1993 he took over the floundering Patriots. His 4th year there they were 11-5 and went to the Super Bowl but lost because of two special teams plays by a freakishly smoking hot Desmond Howard who had a 99 yard kickoff return and a 90 yard punt return (by the way the only special teams player ever to win the MVP in a Super Bowl). Coach then went to the Jets for only three years but the pattern was the same. Who knows what would have happened had he stayed for a 4th year. My point is this…..what year is this for him with our beloved Dallas Cowboys? _____

Has anyone thought of this yet? NO!!! I’ll just answer that before you try to say that you did think of that… That’s the type of interesting shit you should be writing about.

See you tomorrow Bitch!


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