Tuesday, January 29, 2008

NFL Owners Resend Oakland Raiders franchise

In stunning news today, 31 NFL Owners held an emergency meeting to discuss the current crisis that is the Oakland Raiders. In that meeting they held a silent vote to resend the franchise license in which a resounding statement was made as all 31 owners voted to rid the league of that mess of a franchise.

That of course didn't happen but my goodness someone needs to step in and relieve Al Davis of his ownership duties. Just days ago the media got word that Big Al wanted to remove first year Head Coach Lane Kiffin after he posted a 2 win improvement from the 2-14 record of 2006.

Al Davis at 79 is running this once proud franchise right into the ground. NFL analyst abound are quick to say that some coaches time has past them and that they no longer understand or can deal with the current players. I've never heard any analyst though say that an Owners time has passed them by. But that is the case with Al Davis. He doesn't seem to have a clue how to manage this club anymore. Since Jon Gruden left to take over the Tampa Bay Buccaneers the Raiders have gone through4 Head Coaches. One of those was Art Shell who Al fired after the 1995 season in the same position. He was only given one year after Norv Turner compiled a 2 year record of 9-23. Al recently had a letter drafted for Kiffin to sign announcing his resignation. Davis wants Kiffin to resign to avoid having to buyout the current contract.

I compare the Raiders owner to the Yankees George Steinbrenner. The both had great success in their ownership years but both were quick to fire coaches for really no real reason. They only difference with them is that George finally realized that it was time for him to relinquish control. Raider faithful in the "Black hole" can only hope that Al finally comes to grip with reality that the game has passes him by. The Raiders have now replaced the NY Knicks as the worst sports franchise today, and only one person to blame.

If things keep going south, I wouldn't be surprised to actually hear that owners would vote to remove Al Davis from ownership duties.


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