Monday, March 13, 2006

Citadel Baseball Coach Fred Jordan get win #500

Congratulations to Coach Jordan on picking up career win # 500. It happened this past Friday night when the Bulldogs beat Butler 11-2 at Joe Riley park. In achieving this mark, Jordan became the quickest coach to reach this milestone. He is also only the second coach to reach 500 wins. The other coach was the legendary Chal Port who took 24 seasons to reach 500, a mark Coach Jordan achieved in only 15 years. By the time Jordan rolls into his 24th season he should be well beyond Coach Ports career win total of 641 which took him 27 years.

Here are some other highlights from Coach Jordan's career so far. SoCon season champs 4 years. SoCon tournament champs 6 times along with 6 NCAA tournament appearances. He is a Three-time SoCon Coach-Of-The-Year. He has coached 41 All-conference players and 37 SoCon All-Tournament players and 6 tournament MVP's. He has also produced 19 players that were drafted in the MLB amateur draft.

I am personally proud of the success Coach Jordon is having as I played ball for him at Citadel. Though it was only for one year and I didn't play, it was well worth being on the team. I grew up playing baseball, played every year of my life from tee-ball all the way to Citadel. I figured I knew everything there was to know about baseball when I entered Coach's program. Well I quickly realized that I knew nothing. I never realized how much of a mental game it was until coach gave us a two page test, of which I ended up scoring in the 70's. He runs a very physical program, pitchers do nothing but run if they aren't involved in any drills. I used to be in pretty good shape and playing for him was one of the reasons. We had to run a mile in less than 6 minutes and if you didn't get it, you'd have to continue running it till you did, though not the same day. Well I was lucky to of run it in 5:46. It was pretty much a dead sprint and I thought I was going to die at the end.

The year I played we had a losing regular season but ended up catching fire in the SoCon tournament and won that. We ended up playing in the Clemson regionals, losing to Clemson 5-1, beat Virginia Tech 4-3 then lost to Notre Dame 5-1. That same season we beat South Carolina. One of my favorite memories was of him getting his head shaved on the mound after we finished our celebrating. He made a bet to the team that if we won the tournament he shave his head. He is truly a great coach and Citadel is proud to have him.

Congrats on 500 and hoping for many many more.


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