Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Cowboys release Keyshawn Johnson, possible TO signing!!

I'm not sure whether this news gets me excited or upset. Dallas released WR Keyshawn Johnson today, a move that will save the Cowboys from paying him a $1 Mil roster bonus that was due. Keyshawn while with Dallas for the last two years hasn't been he problem child that he looked like in Tampa Bay. He was very productive but he was getting up there in age at 34, old by NFL standards. As for my view on his release, I'm not sure that Dallas would have made this move if Jerry and Bill didn't already have someone in mind to fill that void. Terrell Owens would no doubt fill that void and would immediately upgrade the Dallas offense. TO brings with him a lot of baggage but also that big play possibility. You have to weigh which is more important, team chemistry or the ability to stretch defenses.

I'm a Bill Parcells fan and I trust what he thinks and the moves that he makes. So if he thinks that he can handle TO, then like Mark and I say, in Bill we trust. I think he would be the difference maker that we need to get back to the SuperBowl where we belong. We haven't been to one since we beat the Steelers in 1996. We haven't had one of these back breaker play makers since Michael went down with his spinal injury in 2000. Can you imagine the big plays that we could make with strong armed Drew Bledsoe throwing deep TO and even Terry Glenn. It would open up our offense by stretching defenses and then you have to account for RB's Julius Jones and Marion Barber, that offense would be nasty.

Well I guess I'll get off the fence and decide that I'd be happy having TO on my Cowboys cause, In Bill we trust.


At March 19, 2006, Blogger JET said...

Where is the breaking news story about TO joining the cowboys? You must be out of town or something.


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