Friday, June 16, 2006

Bachelor Party weekend has begun

The Bradford and Bushido's good buddy, Mark Campbell, is two weeks away from entering into the world of constant chores and can't-make-decisions-by-myself. He's getting married in two weeks to a great girl. But we're now into the Bachelor party weekend, well it's actually already begun with Jim, me and the Bachelor going downtown to get some $1 Corona's at Coast only to be heartbroken to find out it was canceled due to serving underage kids. The fun continued this morning as us three finished off the remainder of a 18 pack Jim bought the previous night. Things continued to Wild Wings where we did some damage on the lunch buffet. Re-enforcement were called in today as Rich made the trip down from Greenville and just arrived a few minutes ago. Tonight we're heading to Isle of Palms to watch Cowboy Mouth
in concert at the Windjammer. If you haven't seen them in concert you need to get to one, they put on one hell of a show.

More trouble is due in town tomorrow when Craig, Stephen, Ed and Shawn make the trip from Charlotte. The plan for Saturday is to spend the day on the water drinking and who knows what.

There are already stories being told and knee slappers being created. With this group together who knows what will be said so we've started recording quotes being said during endless moments of running of the mouth.

Update from the weekend.

Saturday morning we were in recovering mode from friday nights fun, ears were still ringing from the concert. Things finally got going saturday around noon once everyone got rehydrated. Finally at around 2pm the remainder of the crew got into town, Craig and Stephen, unfortuantly Shawn and Ed weren't able to make it. We lounged around a little then got into a game of Assh**e and of course Mark the bachelor wound up the assh**e the most and as such ended up drinking the most, beer after beer but isn't that what the bachelor is supposed to do? Anyways we finally got ready to hit downtown, everyone getting showers. Finally when it came time for the bachelors turn a plan was in place to pull off one of the funniest pranks in our groups years together. I took a vase in my apt, filled it with ice and put some water in, steered it around a bit so the ice would met some, added a few more ice cubes for good measure. I gave the vase to Craig so I could record it on video.

Here's the result of the prank.

As for what happened saturday night, well, what happens on a bachelor party stays with the bachelor, but somehow no one was arrested or sent to the hospital. So the Party was a success and we've sent Mark out with style.


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fuckin fags!


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