Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Congrats to Carolina Hurricanes

Congratulations to the Carolina Hurricanes. They became the first major professional organization in the Carolinas to win a Championship. They outlasted the Edmonton Oilers to hoist the Lord Stanley Cup winning game 7 3-1.

I'm not a big hockey fan but I did manage to turn the channel a couple times to NBA to watch the Raleigh based team in action.

With a southern team winning the NHL Championship, it's time for those in the marketing dept to take advantage of this and promote the game the way other leagues do. The Hurricanes can increase their fan base by touring around both North and South Carolina with the Stanley Cup to drum up interest in hockey and in their merchandise sales. The have a golden opportunity now to do this.

Congrats again to the Carolina Hurricanes, you have another fan on board.


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