Monday, July 17, 2006

Cubs fans throw trash items on field

Did you happen to catch the highlights from the Cubs/Mets game yesterday? If not you're missing out. Cubs fans littered the field with whatever objects were at their disposal after the team gave up 2 grand slams in the 6th inning, an inning that the Mets plated 11 runs.

The first grand slam was hit by Floyd two batters after Todd Walker's error allowed Beltran to reach base to start the rally with only 1 out. 5 batters later Beltran hit the second grandslam after another Todd Walker error let the inning continue. Two batters after Beltran, David Wright hit a two run homer. In all, 11 runs, 8 hits, 2 errors, 3 BB, 16 batters sent to the plate, 2 short of batting around twice. And to think the Cubs led this game 5-2 going into the top of the 6th but these are the Cubs and what could happen usually does happen.

Now usually I would say they fans are in the wrong and shouldn't throw things on the field but put yourself in their shoes. What would you do, your faithful team is 21 games under .500, you are beating one of the best teams in baseball and by 3 runs then they just completely fall apart. Yes there is a better way to show your displeasure like just don't go to the games but I'm sure those fans felt a little better afterwards. These cubs would drive me to alcoholism cause I'd be just as frustrated with them as their fans are. Cubs need to release both Wood and Prior, they seem to be living on the DL more than they are on the field and when they're on the field they are just a shadow of what they used to be in 2003 when they dominated in the post season.

The curse of the Goats continues to live in Chicago, they haven't won a world series since 1908 and that streak looks to continue for at least the next 4 years.


At July 19, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am sooooo ready for football season!


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