Sunday, July 16, 2006

No Saves recorded on Saturday in MLB

I found this odd. For the first time since 1978 there were no saves recorded in a full day of games of MLB. There were 15 games with 6 blown saves and 4 games won in the bottom half of innings.
Guess the Braves aren't the only team with a struggling relief corps.

Seriously relief pitching now-a-days has just become a joke. Watching the Braves game last night I got probably just as frustrated as Bobby Cox. McBride was brought in the pitch the 8th inning and he wasn't able to finish it. He gave up 3 runs and was pulled with the basesloaded. Side note on that, McDowell was the one to pull McBride, a duty normally handled by Cox but I'm sure he's tired of that walk and speach. Braves entered the 8th with an 11 run lead, all McBride needed to do was just throw strikes, a seemingly impossible task for a Braves reliever. With an 11 run lead throw it down the middle and let the defense do the work for you, no need to get perfect. So when Bobby decided not to pull McBride himself he may have sent a msg to the rest of the bullpen, lets just hope they received it.



At July 19, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am sooooo ready for football season!


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