Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Two months later

Okay, someone asked for an update back in Oct and now it's almost Dec so I figured I'd let ya'll know how I'm doing for those still curious.

First off I want to wish everyone a happy Thanksgiving. I'll be in Clemson for the last time this football season watching my beloved Tigers eat some chicken for thanksgiving for the 5th straight year.

Well I'm now into my second month of my new life. New job started mid Sept and my diet plan started about a week earlier. Well let me tell ya, you can change alot in two months.

My first month with my job I only did about $26K in sales. Well I've still got a week to go in my second month and I'm already at close to $70K so I'm tripled my sales and by the end of the month will be close to 4x.

As for appearance wise, I topped out at 295 pounds on my buddies wedding on July 1st. Well it's now almost Dec and as of now I'm at 255. That's 40 pounds loss, imagine picking up a 40lb dumbbell and that's what I was carrying around on my 6'4 frame that's now gone. I'm not done yet though. My goal is to be back at 225 and I haven't weighed that since about 1999. It's amazing how much confidence I have already regained and it's only going to get better the more pounds I drop.

If you're wondering how I've done it I'll give you the basics. First I had to make lifestyle changes and that began with my new job. With my last job I could never get into a routine and that caused a lot of problems with me. I cut out eating fast food for lunch and dinner. I drink nothing but water, okay I do occasionally drink a soda but rarely. I eat less proportions at dinner and only a sandwich for lunch and nutrigrain bar for breakfast. As for exercise I try to run everyday, I don't do a lot of free-weights, sticking mostly to machines. I don't need to bulk up, just tone up. I'm actually preparing for my first organized run in December. I'm doing the Reindeer Run with Jim. When I first started running two months ago I could barely complete a quarter mile, now I'm over 2 1/2.

The pictures above are before and after pictures, well after being current since I'm not done yet.

Now this is just an update, I'm not getting back on here to blog, at least right now. I've still got bigger things to accomplish yet.

Happy Holidays everyone.


At November 28, 2006, Blogger Heather said...

Congats on the weight loss and the new job. Good luck.

At December 06, 2006, Blogger STR said...

good to hear you're doing well. Remember, stay away from fast food and try your best not to eat after 8:00pm. I may be in Charleston in a few weeks, I'll shoot you an e-mail and let you know if it happens.

At December 15, 2006, Anonymous JET said...

Lies, damn lies, and the damn liars who tell them...For the record, Bradford wimped out on the Reindeer Run.

At December 19, 2006, Blogger STR said...

brad, come on dude, let's get back to blogging! Whats' goign on down there for new years eve in charleston? I may be down there


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