Sunday, March 02, 2008

Charleston Riverdogs 2008 Promotion Schedule

The Charleston Riverdogs have released their upcoming promotion schedule for the 2008 Baseball Season. Leave it to Mike Veeck to come up with some of these zany promotions. Here is the Top 10 list the P&C compiled. I won't go into explation, you can click on the link below for that.

1) Go Back to Ohio Night
2) Bobblection Night
3) Pope Soap on a Rope
4) Muscle Shirt Giveaway
5) The Writers Strike Back - Its All Unscripted
6) Cheap Skate Night
7) What Would Chuck Norris Do?
8) Beards and Mustaches Club
9) Indiana Jones is Old
10) Superhero Cape Giveaway

Here is the link for full descriptions.

2008 Promotions


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