Friday, February 08, 2008

Harris Poll Shocker...NFL Rules

Harris Poll, the leader in Polls, released a poll recently on America's most popular sports. And as would be expected Professional Football leads the way in the American Sports landscape.

Here are the Top 5 Sports according to this poll and the percentage change from 1985 to 2006.

1). Pro Football Up 6%
2). Pro Baseball Down 8%
3). College Football Up 2%
4). Auto Racing Up 5%
5). Hockey Up 3%

If you're wondering about the next 5,it goes in order of:

Pro Basketball
College Basketball
Men's Golf
Men's Soccer
Horse Racing

Couple things you might be wondering. Boxing ranked #14 followed by Women's College Basketball, Womens' Soccer finished last behind Women's Pro Basketball. Real question there is who really watches women's pro basketball over soccer, come on. Mixed Martial Arts, aka UFC wasn't included because when this study was started in 1985 the sport didn't really exist.

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