Friday, February 08, 2008

Chest Hair Insurance for "Carlton Banks Song" Tom Jones

Yes there is such a thing and if you can afford it you can buy a $7 million policy. Just ask Tom Jones. He approached Llyod's of London about covering his famous chest hair and they of course agreed because they insure just about anything for the right celebrity. They have insured the legs of Fred Astaire, Angie Dickinson and Heidi Klum. They've also covered Liberace's hands, Keith Richards's fingers and off course the amazing rumph of Jennifer Lopez. So chest hair isn't that shocking but still, chest hair? I mean whats going to happen? Someone going to break into his home and take the clippers to his Austin Powers like chest? Maybe he'll have an accident lighting some candles or maybe his grille will blow up. So does having chest hair been he can't pluck one or two here and there. What are the limits, can he file a claim when he takes off his t-shirt and some hairs come with it? Guess he won't pull at Steve Carrell moment anytime soon and get his chest hair waxed... ah Kelly Clarkson.

The one song I remember from Tom Jones will always be the "Carlton Banks Song" (Fresh Prince of BelAir). I can't help myself, that always makes me smile for some can you not?


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