Monday, March 10, 2008

Michigan High School Hockey Co-Champs

Heard this story today on the ESPN 'Mike Tirico Show' and felt like it needed to be shared.

A Michigan High School state championship hockey game ended in a tie and Co-Champs as they continued to play overtime after overtime after overtime. High School league officials finally made the decision to end it as tie after 8 grueling overtimes sessions. They played a total of 109 minutes which is the equivalent to 2 full games and one period. One period lasts 15 minutes and each overtime was 8 minutes in length. In other sports, football its like playing 9 straight quarters, baseball 19 innings.

Hydration and the kids health was the obvious reason for the league to rule Co-Champs. The High School league in Michigan doesn't allow for shootouts, deciding to let the game end as it normally would in regulation. After this game they might want to rethink that rule.

Click here for the full story.


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