Thursday, April 10, 2008

Fixing the world one stupid driver at a time!!!

You know there are times when you want to thank certain people or a group for one creation, god for us, Allen for Microsoft, whoever created toilet paper and Al Gore for the internet. Well today I want to thank whoever created the fad that is now the camera phone. Cause without that invention I wouldn't have caught the stupidity that I did today driving in Columbia SC.

This had to be shared.

I'm wondering what the thought process is when you go shopping for two 10 foot pieces of 2 X8's knowing you're not driving a truck but a small compact car, ' It's okay, I'll just put it through the window and drive down interstate 26 then around Columbia. Which begs the question now.

How many neighborhood mailboxes have to be destroyed but this person finally realizes, 'you know, I'm a first rate idiot. What was I thinking?'

Seeing this brought back a memory of another idiot picture that was forwarded around the world of an idiot in a VW Rabbit trying to stack 20 + sheets of plywood on the roof.

So next time you see Stupid, take your camera phone and snap a picture and thank the inventory so you have proof in case someone doesn't believe someone can be that stupid.


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