Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Dolphins sign VTech QB Marcus Vick

The Dolphins have signed undrafted free agent QB Marcus Vick. Vick of course is the younger brother of the Falcons QB Michael Vick. Marcus was to be the second coming of Michael when he became the starting QB at VTech but he couldn't keep himself out of trouble. He was suspended from the team for one year after he game a 14 year old girl alcohol. His troubles started again in this years Gator Bowl when he was caught on tape stomping on Louisville's Elvis Dumervil on Jan 2. Two weeks later he was dismissed by team officials after they learned that he had been cited on Dec 17 for driving with a suspended or revoked license and for speeding. It was the eight and ninth traffic offense for Vick since he enrolled at V Tech in 2002.

Vick again found himself in trouble again one day after he declared his intentions to enter the NFL Draft. He was accused of waving a firearm at three teenagers during an altercation in a McDonald's parking lot. He claims the teenagers were taunting him and he showed the gun to scare the kids.

Vick played in 11 games as a freshman backup in 2003, was suspended the next season after he was charged with crimes in two incidents, then started all 13 games this past season. He threw for 2,393 yards, 17 touchdowns and 10 interceptions and ran for 380 yards and six scores, but struggled in Virginia Tech's biggest games, a 27-7 loss to Miami on Nov. 5 and 27-22 loss to unranked Florida State in the inaugural ACC championship game on Dec. 3.

Somehow I don't think the off-field issues are over for Vick, with money now in hand and big city of Miami, the fun is just beginning for Marcus Vick.


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