Thursday, May 25, 2006

Thursday's betting action.

Here's the breakdown for games on Thursday. There's only 6 games tomorrow so it's going to be slim pickings.


AL My Winners

Detroit at Kansas City 2:10 Detroit Money pick
Baltimore at Seattle 4:35 Seattle
Tampa Bay at Boston 7:05 Boston Money pick
Oakland at Texas 8:05 Texas Toss up


Houston at Washington 1:05 Houston
Philadelphia at NY Mets 1:10 NY Mets

So by the looks of this weak Thursday schedule, I'll probably just do two single bets, one on Detroit and one on Boston. $40 on Detroit and maybe more that $40 on Boston if Detroit wins.


The Eastern Conference Championship resumes with Game 2 at 8pm, Miami at Detroit. Miami won the first game, taking the home court advantage away from Detroit. No telling how this game will go or series right now, so I'll be laying off making a bet on this game.


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