Saturday, May 20, 2006

Barry "I'm juiced" Bonds has tied The Babe at 714

Just in, one of the most anti-climatic moments in MLB has just occurred as Barry Bonds hit career HR 714 to tie the Great Babe Ruth. The Pitcher who gave up this record HR was Brad Halsey. He becomes the 420th pitcher to give up a HR to Bonds. Before his HR today Bonds had gone homerless in 9 games.

I wish I could be more excited about this accomplishment, since I never thought I'd see it in my lifetime, but I just can't. You just can't get excited for him, not knowing that he's been on some type of steroid for who knows how long. I'm just holding out hope that he breaks a leg or tears his ACL so he won't get close to Hammerin Hanks 755.

Break a leg Barry. Really!!!!!!!


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