Wednesday, May 24, 2006

My money is on Detroit !!!!!

Never thought I'd be saying that but today I am. I've got some money in Sports Interaction, the site I use for my sports betting. Well the last few days I've been making some pretty good picks and been cashing in. I'm riding the Detroit Tiger wave right now.

Today I put $100 on Cleveland w/CC Sabathia to beat Minnesota. Well I won that bet which i pocketed $55.56.

Tonights games I've got Detroit w/Bonderman over Stone Cold KC Royals in a combo bet w/the White Sox w/Beuhrle over Oakland. I put $40 on this combo so if both win I'll pocket $52.31 which would bring my balance to $253.15. Wish me luck.

But how long do you ride the Sizzling Tigers for? After this series w/Kansas City I may lay off for little bit.

Fyi, I started off w/just $25 and slowly built my balance to $150. I'd like to make at least $50 a day. Trying to make smart bets instead of reaching for things like I've done in the past.

Maybe by end next week, I'll be close to $500.


At May 25, 2006, Blogger Brad said...

Detroit beat Kansas City 6-3
Chi Sox beat Oakland 3-2.

My balance now is $253.15


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