Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Woods, Landis and Hamlin, weekend worriors

Congrats to Tiger Woods on his 11th Major, 2nd straight and 3rd overall British Open Championship. He bettered Chris DiMarco by 2 strokes to claim the victory. You can't deny the talent and fortitude he has, he's just one month removed from missing the cut at the US Open and looking like he would need a few more months to get over the death of his father. In winning the tournament, Tiger only used his driver one time, favoring to play it conservative and getting it on the fairway then play from there. He's well known for his distance off the tee with driver but this course favored those that could accurately play from the fairway. He is now only 7 majors away from Jack Nicholas' record 18 majors and he's only 30 years old. Move over Phil, Tiger is back.

Tour de France
With Lance Armstrong retiring there's no way America continues it's dominance in the Tour de France right? Wrong. I'm sure the French thought this was their year to reclaim the title but thanks to Floyd Landis team America continues it's dominance in this race. It's now 8 straight years an American has won this tour, 7 of course by Lance. I think in some way, Landis winning this tour is a greater accomplishment than that of Lance Armstrong. I know you must think I've lost my mind but I haven't. Okay we all know what Lance has to go through to get back to racing and winning but at least he wasn't going through chemo when he was racing. Floyd Landis has an arthritic hip, a hip that requires surgery in the next month. He can't walk, he can only get on the bike from the left side, if he were to try from the right side he'll fall over. He was written off by everyone at least two or three times and after one grueling day lost a lead and fell 8 minutes back from the leader and that usually spells the end at that point. But Floyd just ignored the pain from the hip the next day and had one of the most incredible days in Tour de France history. Not only did he win the stage but cut that 8 minute deficit down to 30 seconds.
Look for Floyd to be next years ESPN's ESPY Male Athlete of the Year, something else Lance has owned the last few years.

If it were up to Rookie Denny Hamlin, he'd race at Pocono every weekend. He won the Pennsylvania 500 this weekend and won it from the pole. With the win he swept the season series at the track having also won the Pocono 500 June 11th, he also claimed the pole in that race as well. The rookie now finds himself in the race for the 10 team playoff, he climbed 4 sports to #8 and is now 425 points from NASCAR series leader Jimmy Johnson. He is a member of the Joe Gibbs racing team.


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