Tuesday, July 25, 2006

ESPN fires Baseball Tonight's Harold Reynolds

Harold Reynolds, a fixture on ESPN's Baseball Tonight has been fired by the network, no reason has yet to be given. Undoubtedly he was one of the better analyst on the show, John Kruk is more the comedian of the crew but Harold was always easy to listen to. He was with the network for 11 years, he also covered the College World Series and the Little League World Series. His fill in on some shows and now probably permanently, will be former GM Steve Phillips. If you watch ESPN and aren't familiar with him, you'll know him through ESPN's baseball offseason faux press conferences in which he acted like the team GM for all 32 teams where he would talk about where each team needed improvements. If you weren't blessed to see that series don't worry, you didn't miss much. It was just another bad idea by the network to drum up ratings. This is the part where I have to stop myself from bad mouthing the current state of ESPN programming. I digress, back to Reynolds, if you didn't have the pleasure of watching him on the Baseball Tonight show, you missed out. He was colorful, always had fun and more importantly was just a great baseball analyst. The show will be different now having to listen to Steve Phillips analyze baseball, he once was a GM for the Mets until he was fired.

Good luck ESPN, you will be hard pressed to replace Harold Reynolds and you may lose viewers as well.


Story update 7/26/06

I've been doing some reading on multiple sites and apparently Harold was the cause of his own demise. Around ESPN he is known to be a flirt with woman and was told by ESPN brass to chill on his antics. Well he finally hit on the wrong woman and she reported it, thus ESPN had no choice but to fire Harold or risk a sexual harassment lawsuit which would be more damaging to the network than keeping Harold. What has happened to our society when a former player, now analyst can't sexually harass a sexy female co-worker?? J/K. I hate to see someone as knowledgeable about baseball be fired from a show I love watching but he did it to himself. Hope you land on your feet Harold, just quit annoying the ladies.

Here's some legal info about Harold Reynold's termination and other info.


At July 25, 2006, Anonymous the Griff said...

steve phillips might be his replacement but he will never take Harold's place. WTF? That goatee wearing mo2fo is an idiot and a pain to watch. I got all of my technical skills listening to Reynolds these past years.

At July 26, 2006, Blogger STR said...

This is nuts! Why in the world would you get rid of Harold Reynolds? I tell you what, we need to start our own sports channel and get him to come along with us!

At July 26, 2006, Blogger Brad said...

I'm down with forming a news sports network, get rid of the garbage programming ESPN is doing.

Looks like Harold though may have done this to himself, reports circulating that it was sexual harrasment that did him in. What this world coming to when a sports analyst can't hit a sexy co-worker??


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