Thursday, July 27, 2006

ESPN's back handed slap to the face to Spurrier and S. Carolina

Apparently the love affair ESPN has had with Steve Spurrier is over or at least on hold. They have a team preview for the 2006 South Carolina squad on its Insider site. In the brief article, you have to pay for the whole thing, they just give some facts about the coach and the program. There is a question they ask at the end of page. Here's the Jeopardy style multiple choice question. Answer B is where the back handed slap to the face comes in.


OK, the final Jeopardy! answer is: 38,806.

We know it's a doozy, so we'll make it multiple-choice:

A. The number of media requests for new coach Steve Spurrier since he was hired by South Carolina last November.

B. The amount of bond money raised for Gamecock players who were arrested for various offenses since January.

C. The quantity of T-shirts featuring a visor-clad palmetto sold since Spurrier's arrival.

D. The attendance for the Garnet and Black spring game last April.

If you answered D, congratulations, champ. If you picked any other letter, don't fret. You may be proved correct before too long.

There's no word on what the actual total of bond money raised to bail out players, though I'm thinking it's somewhere around the 38K.

Link to article.


At July 28, 2006, Blogger Joshua said...

I think that was last year.


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