Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Cowboys training camp begins in 3 days

I'm so ready for football season to get here it's driving me crazy. Dallas, still in the process of signing draft picks, starts training camp on the 29th in Oxnard, California. They won't break camp until August 20th. This will be the first real opportunity to see just how well TO will fit in with the team and Drew Bledsoe. As mentioned Dallas is in the process of getting all draft picks signed and on the field. So far Pat Watkins and OL Pat McQuistan are the only ones signed, 6 more to go including first round pick Bobby Carpenter.

In other Cowboys news, Dallas has begun to break ground on their new stadium in Arlington, TX, it will be next to the Texas Rangers Ameriquest Field. It will be home to the SuperBowl in 2011.

It's not known yet when Safety Keith Davis will be able to get on the field, he's still recovering from shot wounds he suffered two weeks ago. Though no serious injury it's still enough to keep him out some time. He needs to quit doing whatever it is he's doing, this is the second time in three years he's been shot late in the morning.

Here is the Cowboys training camp schedule.


At July 27, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is Mark.... Finally some f-ing football news. Baseball season is like a hot chick that talks too much and only puts out twice a year. Yeah she's fun to watch sometimes but that yap yap yapping all the time makes you wonder if it's worth all the effort to catch that coveted nut twice a year. How about making football a year round sport by just giving all the teams more bye weeks. Stagger the season so that only a couple of games get played per weekend. Ratings would go up because everyone could watch every game if they wanted. Injuries would go down because players would have time to heal. Attendance would go up at home games, no more blackouts, etc...

Is that NFL commish job still open?


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